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Let's Make Bitcoin Excellent, Together

Hi! I'm Jeremy Rubin, and I'm hard at work to secure Bitcoin's future.

With your help, we can add new features that make Bitcoin more useful and improve the code dramatically. Examples of my work include:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Validation Performance Improvements
  • MemPool Improvements
  • RPC API Safety Features
  • New Mechanisms (BIP-119 OP_CTV, Fee Sponsors)

I'd love to have you as a supporter, where you'll get access to my GitHub Sponsor's developer newsletter. Fret not; I also LiveStream code now and again if you don't like email (check my twitter for stream announcements) + I'm looking into options to host a public archive for this.

I consider all Sponsors as gifts -- there is no quid pro quo it's just a token of appreciation.

Gifting in Bitcoin

If you prefer to gift in Bitcoin, contact me for a new address or use 3QTz9BMtWgM7CFXpnv63FicVBcKt4W4qV7, signed below.

Send to 3QTz9BMtWgM7CFXpnv63FicVBcKt4W4qV7 for Jeremy Rubin Github Sponsors
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Featured work

  1. bitcoin/bitcoin

    Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

  2. bitcoin/bips

    Bitcoin Improvement Proposals

    Wikitext 7,078
  3. JeremyRubin/satoshis-version

    Annotated version of Satoshi's original released codebase.

    C++ 81
  4. JeremyRubin/BTCSpark

    A toolkit for using apache spark to efficiently query Bitcoin Blockchain data.

    Python 33
  5. bitcoin-core/gui

    Bitcoin Core GUI staging repository

    C++ 391

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A dollar doesn't buy much these days, but consider this a digital hi-five. Thanks for the support!

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It's a well known fact that engineers need caffeine to get The Work done. Support me with a coffee once a month, whydoncha?

$20 a month



How would I upload code to the web without an internet connection? $20/month covers my share of my house's monthly internet bill.

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I eat lunch at home almost every day, and probably spend somewhere around $7 on ingredients on average. Over the course of a week that adds up! Do you really want to see me go hungry?

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Phone Bill.

Amortized to include the cost of the phone itself, my phone bill is about $100/month. I use my phone to keep up to date on Bitcoin development, and to tether when I'm working in areas with poor wifi. Keep me productive at this tier!

$500 a month


Health Insurance.

In 2020 my health insurance costs increased from $186/mo to over $400, and my deductible doubled! Thanks Obama? Not working at a company with health insurance benefits, that's coming 100% out of my pocket! If I'm sick, I can't work on Bitcoin, so chip in at this level more or less so I don't die of disease.

$1,500 a month



Contrary to myth, developers do require a place to lay their head to rest. Unlike Bitcoin, we don't even have a single nine of "uptime". At this tier, keep me out of the cold rain.

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At this tier, you aren't sponsoring me for a specific need, but just to say, "this is for being you". And what could be more fulfilling than that?

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Can I actually make Bitcoin development a full time career? Have I reached "success"? At this tier, you're enabling me to imagine a future where Bitcoin research and development is an actual career path.