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John (JP) Coene

Geneva, Switzerland

Hi! I'm primarily an R developer working on visulisation packages like {echarts4r}, {globe4r}, and {sigmajs} as well as the news-r initiative where I attempt to provide free, open-source software for media analysis.

Core personal projects:

  • echarts4r - Interactive visualisations
  • sigmajs - Interactive network visualisation
  • globe4r - Interactive globe visualisations
  • grapher - Large graph visualisations
  • waiter - Splash loading screens for Shiny

Core news-r projects:

  • gensimr - Brings the gensim Python library to R
  • word2vec.r - Word2Vec in R via Julia
  • newsr - A collection of wrappers to fetch news articles

Thank you for even just considering becoming a sponsor; It helps cover servers costs and coffees!


John (JP) Coene

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Share your address with me I will send you some of the hex stickers of my packages:

  • echarts4r
  • sigmajs
  • graphTweets
  • waiter
  • globe4r
  • news-r
  • pushbar
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