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I'm a hobby developer from Sweden with a hunger for new technology. Focused on Python, JS, React, Angular, web design, recent game development in UnrealEngine4 and photography.

Mainly participating in various Nano project development since early 2018. Owner and maintainer of NanoTicker, NanoHost, KeyTools, NanoRPCProxy, UnrealNano, NanoNodeGraphics and more. Part of the Nault Wallet dev team.

Previously owner of, NanoLinks, Tix Wallet and NanoGift. Previously community manager of Nano Reddit and Nano Discord. Also providing help documentation and videos.

How will sponsoring help the world?
I'm mostly paying for various servers and domains. But money is a great way to show appreciation and would certainly increase my inspiration and help me improve my work. I put a lot of time and effort into this in my free time, with zero additional dev income. It's a win-win, you help me to help the world! Any contribution big or small will be used for a great cause.


That many supporters would be awesome!

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Featured work

  1. Nault/Nault

    The most advanced Nano wallet with focus on security, speed and robustness

    CSS 235
  2. Joohansson/NanoRPCProxy

    A relay, limiter, token and protection system for Nano node RPC & websocket interface

    TypeScript 92
  3. Joohansson/keytools

    Secure webtools for Nano currency with offline support

    JavaScript 33
  4. Joohansson/nanolinks

    A curated link guide for finding anything about Nano; The fast, fee-less and green digital currency!

    SCSS 25
  5. Joohansson/nanodevlist

    Support Nano developers for building the future of digital money!

    CSS 9

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If you appreciate my work and would like to say thanks!

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This would help me cover the cost of various web hosting and domains. Thank you very much!

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This will definitely keep me inspired by the time and effort I put into maintaining and developing my services.

$25 a month


Yey! Now I can upgrade my servers too and provide better uptime and quality! This will truly help me achieve my goals.

$50 a month


This tier will greatly support a wide range of improvements and time spent. Highly appreciated!

$100 a month


Woah, are you seriously considering this? That means I will seriously consider stepping up the game and provide the best possible dev work, equipment and backend servers. Can't thank you enough!

$500 a month


I'm out of good words to describe this one. Let's just say you will make a big difference for me and my life!