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Become a sponsor to Julien Nadeau Carriere

I will use my sponsorships to pursue development on the Agar GUI system (and related libraries in the distribution). I want to improve the existing code base and documentation, extend the style engine, add bindings to new programming languages and implement the many user-requested features. Ports to new operating systems and hardware platforms include various handhelds and consoles which I don't currently own, and sponsorships allow me to purchase real hardware to test things on.

What is not spent on hardware will be spent on Agar community-building, advocacy and possibly even consulting with experts in fields such as user-interface design and typography.

Featured work

  1. JulNadeauCA/libagar

    Cross-Platform GUI Toolkit (stable)

  2. JulNadeauCA/FabBSD

    Unix-like operating system for CNC / Machine Control applications

    C 8
  3. JulNadeauCA/edacious

    Agar-based Electronics Design Automation toolkit (beta)

    C 6
  4. JulNadeauCA/BSDBuild

    Cross-platform make library and configure script generator (stable)

    Shell 4
  5. JulNadeauCA/cadtools

    A constraint-solving CAD toolkit in built on top of Agar-SG (alpha)

    Shell 1
  6. JulNadeauCA/vislak

    A minimalistic non-linear video edition & time remapping tool (alpha)


Select a tier

$1 a month


Support Agar's development. Help us improve the visibility of the project. Get access to exclusive code, demos and tutorials. Get access to all issues of "Powerful Agar" as digital download.

$5 a month


Get access to a a few more exclusives (possibly code, demos, tutorials), in addition to all issues of "Powerful Agar". With your permission, your name in the credits of the next Agar release announcement.

$15 a month


Get all the benefits of the previous tiers and a hard copy of " Powerful Agar " as a full color magazine plus the media of your choice mailed once every 3 months (shipping included).

$25 a month


Get personalized support from the lead author over e-mail or chat. Get all the benefits of the previous tiers.

$40 a month


Premium commercial support. Your bug reports and feature requests are assigned the highest priority. Get all the benefits of the previous tiers.