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So who are you?

I'm Kelvin Tegelaar, a Tech and PowerShell blogger at I tend to blog about stuff useful to Managed Services Providers, RMM tools, and monitoring. 😊

What have you done so far?

I'm the creator of the wildly popular "RunAsUser" module which has over 5 million downloads. and allows you to impersonate a logged on user, when running scripts under the system account. Next to this I've created some tools that allow you to get rid of expensive external tools, like my PSWarranty module and my Azure DynDNS module.

One of my more recent projects is CIPP. This is the CyberDrain Improved Partner Portal, a portal that allows you easier management over M365 for Microsoft Partners.

I have also started the CyberDrain CTF, which is a system administrator oriented Capture the flag event that I hope to recur every 3 months.

Cool, so why should we sponsor you?

I love working with Azure, M365, and PowerShell in general. I also really enjoy helping people. If you sponsor my Github account you'll cover the expenses I make to make all of this possible, such as the hosting of my blog, but also things like my Azure Functions for warranty or application proxies which the scripts use.

The sponsorship will also allow me to keep putting free time into the CyberDrain CTF. The only CTF that is dedicated to System Administration and engineering, a project of which I am super proud, but takes a lot of work to maintain. :)

I also offer specific CIPP sponsorship levels - These exist to keep the product alive, updated, and to make sure that even people without any Azure knowledge can receive a hosted version of the product.

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Featured work

  1. KelvinTegelaar/RunAsUser

    a PowerShell module that allows you to impersonate the currently logged on user, while running PowerShell.exe as system.

    PowerShell 267
  2. KelvinTegelaar/PowerShellWarrantyReports

    a repo dedicated to automatic warranty reporting and retrieval from different systems such as IT-Glue, Connectwise, Autotask, and N-central.

    PowerShell 136
  3. KelvinTegelaar/AutomaticDocumentation

    A repo dedicated to the Automatic Documentation blogs on

    PowerShell 60
  4. KelvinTegelaar/PowerShellMonitoring

    A repo dedicated to all PowerShell Monitoring blogs on

    PowerShell 25
  5. KelvinTegelaar/ITGlueBackup

    A backup tool for the documentation system IT-Glue.

    PowerShell 19
  6. KelvinTegelaar/AzAutomapper

    Automatically mapping SharePoint sites in the OneDrive for Business client

    PowerShell 26

Select a tier

$ a month

Choose a custom amount.

$7 a month


With this tier, you'll cover the cost of some of the Azure Functions for me. πŸ₯‰

$15 a month


with this tier you're covering some of the hosting costs for either my CTF instances or the blog. With this tier you'll also get a personal thank you note. πŸ“«

$30 a month


With this one, you'll be sponsoring most of the hosting of the blog, or a part of the CTF instance. Sponsoring for this will also give you access to files for a CTF instance with 20 challenges that you can use as an assessment for new techs.

$50 a month


If you decide to sponsor for this, all of the hosting costs for either the blog, or Azure Functions are covered. :)

$99 a month


Use this tier if you want a hosted version of the CIPP or support for your selfhosted instance.
This tier covers the monthly Azure costs for the CIPP, two instances(one development, one production) and allows me to keep offering the CIPP source code as sponsorware.

$250 a month


This is a README.MD sponsor level, at this sponsor level, your logo will be directly added under the CyberDrain logo in the CIPP repository.

$500 a month


This sponsor level will allow you to have a logo published both in the README.MD,, and you'll be mentioned as the sponsor during all new releases of the CIPP.

$1,000 a month


For this level, you'll have a plus a logo+link inside of the CIPP pages for all users in the footer of the page.πŸ₯‡

$1,500 a month


This tier is for start-up vendors that require an integration for ticketing or RMM within CIPP.

Terms apply, discuss for more information.

$2,500 a month


This tier is for vendors that want to (automatically) deploy CIPP to their clients. either in their own Azure Tenant or the clients Azure Tenant. This also includes a mention in the application(Logo in footer) and other sponsorship benefits.