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Desktop utilities

  • GPaste - Clipboard management system
  • Germinal - Terminal emulator based on VTE

Rust utilities

  • async-global-executor - A shared global executor implementation on top of async-executor, used by async-std
  • pinky-swear - Promises library with futures compatibility
  • rustls-connector - A TLS Connector similar to the ones from OpenSSL and native-tls, for RusTLS
  • tcp-stream - mio's TCPStream with built-in support for various TLS providers

Lapin rust AMQP client

  • amq-protocol - AMQP implementation in pure rust
  • lapin - AMQP 0.9.1 client in pure rust

Toy projects

  • facron - A filesystem cron based on fanotify
  • - An parser and interpretor for the brainfuck language in pure rust
  • - A tar archive parser in pure rust
  • g2048 - An implementation of the 2048 game

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Featured work

  1. Keruspe/GPaste

    Clipboard management system

  2. amqp-rs/lapin

    AMQP client library in Rust, with a clean, futures based API

    Rust 801
  3. Keruspe/Germinal

    Minimalist vte-based terminal emulator

  4. amqp-rs/amq-protocol

    AMQP specifications

    Rust 27
  5. Keruspe/facron

    fanotify cron system

  6. amqp-rs/tcp-stream

    std::net::TcpStream on steroids

    Rust 7

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