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Hi, I'm Hugo! 🖐

I've started to contribute to the open-source in 2013 - when I was still in high school - by sending some pull requests to various libraries I've used on my personal projets.

Then I've started to create my own open-source projects. The first projects are a PHP wrapper around Xidel (CLI tool to extract data from HTML/XML/JSON) and a PHP library to detect the user's device. To be honest I don't think they were used by other people but only by me 😅 but it's a beginning! 🙂

Some years have passed. I've contributed more on open-source projects (e.g.: Vue French Translation, Symfony Webpack Encore, Symfony documentation, DefinitlyTyped, ...) and I gained a lot of code and human experience.

Now I'm happy to have some of my open-source projects being used by a lot of people, here is an exhaustive list:

By Sponsoring me, you will help me to spend more time maintaining my projects and to continue contributions to the open-source. 💞

Thanks! 😄

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Thank you! 🙂

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A tasty hot chocolate, thank you! 😄

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A big thanks! 😍
Tell me if you wanna play some games of LoL/TFT with me :)

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A big big big thank you!! ❤️
Let me know if I can do something for you! 😄

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