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Curtis Merrill

Indiana, USA

I am a developer for Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead primarily. I enjoy refactoring the backend code to be more accessible to newer C++ contributors to the project. A large portion of my code goes unseen by the playerbase, but I have designed some systems:

If you would like to donate a lump sum instead of a subscription, my PayPal is a gmail address and the email starts with curtis.r.merrill

  • I rewrote the hunger system to simulate the digestive system. Characters have a stomach that their food goes into, and slowly digests the vitamins and calories and passes through their guts. This also necessitated changing how hunger was displayed on the sidebar.

  • I redesigned the old sidebar to use "panels." This allows for a much more customizable user experience, and the ability to edit the sidebar in code much more easily. In addition, the sidebar code allows for panels that only appear when certain situations are true. Currently this only applies to Mana.

  • My pet project for the game is the magic system, which allows for the largest amount of customization via JSON since NPC missions. The highlights of this system include GUIs for casting spells, an experience system, and effects that utilize the various JSON values based on the effect type.

  • I am currently rewriting the artifact system. Artifacts were hardcoded in a rather obtuse way, and I wanted anyone to be able to add to artifact content via JSON. See this project for details

  • I am currently rewriting the class structure for player in order for this class to be removed entirely, in favor of using the already present Character class.

Sponsoring me will allow me to focus more on continual updates to the game and the Magiclysm mod.

Any donations are appreciated!

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