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Independent consultant specializing in Science and Data Visualizations, data analytics, generative art, and web research. Currently maintaining a Mastodon instance at

Featured Projects


Data Meditions: An Abstract Koi Pond

  • Notes on initial CODAME event and art installations
  • Current online version on

How big is 400,000?


  • An experimental casual game built with a physics engine, inspired by a lucid dream about the Coronavirus.
  • Article
  • Play it on


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Featured work

  1. KristinHenry/selfDrawingCode

    Code that draws an image of itself, based on the string of characters that make up its own source code

    Python 17
  2. KristinHenry/BoxesLinesArt

    Python code based generative art.

    Python 10
  3. KristinHenry/d3unconf2017

    Notes and Code for Generative Viz in D3 Session

    HTML 6
  4. KristinHenry/Visualizing-SF-Urban-Data

    My response to the Urban Data Challenge, uses R to visualize data on the SF MUNI lines.

  5. KristinHenry/workshopOct2017

    materials for Data Cleaning/Prep workshop

    Python 3

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