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Give me money, thanks

Ahem, uh.. I mean..

Hi! I'm LatvianModder, and I make Minecraft mods!

You probably know me from such mods as FTB Utilities and FTB Quests - That's because I make all mods for Feed the Beast, and I have a ton of my own mods as well!

I also sometimes help on FTB modpacks, such as FTB Academy or Vanilla++.

I am not very good at writing these things.

Want to ask a question or discuss my mods? Come and join me on my Discord server!

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You get sponsor icon on if you link your GitHub account with your MCMC profile

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You get a default supporter badge in modpacks with FTB Utilities installed. Come on my Discord server and let me know which one is you and what Minecraft account should I whitelist.

$5 a month


Big Thenk

You get a badge like $3 tier but you can also chose your own image. This reward is the same as subscribing to me on Twitch.

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