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A few months ago, I left my day job in order to take care of myself. I've had a long non-stop professional career in the tech industry for more 15 years, and I wanted to do something different. Since then, I've been spending time with my family, to focus on my personal health, and to find a job opportunity where my experiences and expertise will be valued.

Tech industry is in a strange place in the year 2023. It proves to be challenging when trying to compete with tens of thousands others who were laid off this year. I'm still looking for new opportunities, and I have been interviewing at various companies and organizations, but the right job for me hasn't landed on my doorstep yet.

While doing all of the above, I've continued contributing to the Python communities because it truly makes me happy and makes me feel fulfilled, and because I know I can make a difference in the Python community.

Here are some of my contributions to the Python community in the year 2023:

CPython Core Developers Sprint

During the sprint I collaborated with other Python core developers. I looked after several issues related to our GitHub bots and workflow.

My day-by-day sprint updates:

Chair of PyCon US 2023 and 2024.

PyCon US is the largest and longest running Python conference in the world. In 2023, we celebrated 20 years of PyCon US, and the community raved about it. Read our recap here, and the launch of PyCon US 2024 here.
Running a conference does not start the day of the conference, in fact I've been helping with PyCon US since late 2021.

Co-chair of PyLadiesCon 2023

PyLadies is an international mentorship group helping not only to help more women with learning the Python programming language, but also to help them into becoming active participant in the Python community, as public speakers, community leaders, and open source contributors. Our team is planning the first ever global PyLadies conference to celebrate the accomplishments of PyLadies around the globe.

Check out some of the blog posts I've published for PyLadiesCon:

PyLadies Global Administrator and Advisor

I've been administering PyLadies chapters, reviewing new chapter applications, and activating them. As a long-time PyLadies organizer, my advice is often sought by new and aspiring PyLadies.

Speaking at Conferences and Meetups

In 2023, I spoke at various meetups, conferences, and events:

Check out my other talks here:


For my contributions to Python, I've received the Community Service Award from Python Software Foundation. I've also been nominated twice for
Google Open Source Peer Bonus program. I'm a PSF Fellow member since 2020. In honor of Ada Lovelace Day in 2020, my story was shared on GitHub ReadME project.

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Your sponsorship encourages me and enables me to continue doing what I do best: contributing to open source and fostering open source communities. My involvements go beyond writing code and pull requests, but in making difference in the global Python community.

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I'm looking for roles related to Developer Relations Engineer or Developer Advocacy. If you know of such opportunities, I'd appreciate the connection and referral.

I'm also available for consulting, and to speak at events about Python and open source


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Featured work

  1. pyladies/pyladies

    PyLadies is a global mentorship group focused on helping more marginalized genders become active participants & leads in the Python open-source community.

    JavaScript 423
  2. python/cpython

    The Python programming language

    Python 60,550
  3. python/miss-islington

    πŸπŸ’β›πŸ€– - A bot for backporting and merging CPython pull requests

    Python 106
  4. Mariatta/github-app-tutorial

    GitHub App tutorial using gidgethub and aiohttp libraries

    Python 14
  5. pyladies/global-conference

    Global PyLadies Conference

    HTML 2
  6. Mariatta/talk-talk-talk

    Talk Proposals by Mariatta

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