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Max Rumpf

Augsburg, Germany

Hi, thanks for considering to support me and my work!
You're probably here because you liked my work for one of the many projects I'm involved with, like the Jellyfin Android app (and other parts of the Jellyfin project), ModernAndroidPreferences, or in one of my personal repositories.

Keep in mind that I'm working on those projects in my spare time and only as much as my time allows.


A first start..

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Featured work

  1. jellyfin/jellyfin-android

    Android Client for Jellyfin

    Kotlin 1,270
  2. Maxr1998/ModernAndroidPreferences

    Android Preferences defined through Kotlin DSL, shown in a RecyclerView

    Kotlin 111
  3. Maxr1998/SimpleShutdownDialog

    A simple dialog to shutdown, reboot, suspend or logout, built with GTK

  4. Maxr1998/MaxLock

    Powerful app locker for Android, with a root and no-root implementation

    Java 194

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