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Christopher Powroznik


Hi there,

I intend to use the sponsorship program to help create apps, websites and libraries for the Greater Vancouver area. I will continue to support my current open source projects such as The One HTML Page Challenge, Is It Okay? traffic applications, React Border Wrapper, Mario Level Language and Composite Data.

I hope to expand my catalogue of open source libraries for everything javascript 🙂.

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$5 a month


Help me buy a coffee. Also receive a Sponsorship heart on your One HTML Page Challenge submission (

$25 a month


Help support my open source projects.

$75 a month


I will provide an hour of development or mentorship.

$1500 a month


I will develop a personal traffic application for you, based on the "Is The Massey Tunnel Okay?" model, that I am known for making (

$5000 a month


I will assist with any javascript, web, react, or node project of your choosing.

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