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Mobile First

United States of America

Greetings! We are a small team indie developers. We make apps for many platforms (mainly iOS, Android, web, extensions) and we share these apps with the world for free. We do not spy or sell your data. Currently over 160K users around the world use our free products actively on a weekly basis.

We hope to continue making useful, high quality apps and open source contributions in the future. The more backers we have, the more effort we can dedicate to this effort.

Some of our apps:

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Help us continue making high quality free/libre open source software


Featured work

  1. MobileFirstLLC/irregular-expressions

    Android virtual keyboard for expressive typing

    Kotlin 127
  2. MobileFirstLLC/extension-cli

    Command line tool for building extensions/add-ons for chromium based browsers.

    JavaScript 163
  3. MobileFirstLLC/shortcuts-for-chrome

    Chrome navigation menu for technical users.

    JavaScript 46
  4. MobileFirstLLC/social-media-hacker-list

    Growing list of apps and tools for enhancing social media experiences.

    Rust 439
  5. MobileFirstLLC/doucheblock

    Automatically block anyone with specific keywords in their Twitter bio.

    JavaScript 56
  6. MobileFirstLLC/cws-publish

    CI package for programmatically uploading extensions to Chrome Web Store

    TypeScript 35

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