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Hi, I'm Greg. I've been working on Natural Docs for almost 20 years, providing programmers an open source, cross language, human readable documentation system to aid in their development.

When I first started Natural Docs I just needed something to make an API reference for a different project I was working on. I didn't like the other tools I looked at at the time, so eventually I gave up and decided to write my own. That other project didn't pan out but the documentation generator was still pretty useful, so I open sourced it and published it as Natural Docs where it's taken on a life of its own.

I've continued to maintain it and add more and more features over almost 20 years, including a complete rewrite that was released in 2017. There are many other things I could be doing with it, but development will always be slow as long as it's a hobby project I work on in my spare time. I don't know if it will ever be popular enough to support me working on it full time, but it's used in some big companies so it's worth asking. Any support is appreciated.

Featured work

  1. NaturalDocs/NaturalDocs

    Natural Docs source code documentation system

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