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Nick Carneiro

San Francisco, CA

I'm the original author of curlconverter, a popular developer tool used to translate curl commands into various programming languages. These days I'm mostly a PM and I distribute sponsorship funds to top code-writing contributors.

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Featured work

  1. curlconverter/curlconverter

    convert curl commands to Python, JavaScript, Go, PHP, R, Dart, Java, MATLAB, Rust, Elixir and more

    JavaScript 4,889

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Did curlconverter save some of your valuable time? $5/mo will support additional features, bug fixes, and more types of input and output.

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Does your team use curlconverter regularly? Your bug reports will take priority at this level.

$600 a month


$600 / mo supports about one week of junior developer time per month. A single sponsorship at this tier can fund curlconverter in perpetuity.

Is there a specific feature you'd like that's more labor intensive than a simple bugfix? Get in touch first and we can scope it out.

At $600/mo you're a co-pilot and can steer the project significantly.