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Odoo Community Association

Lausanne, Switzerland

Our mission is to establish and support an Open Source and collaborative community for the development and promotion of Odoo features and modules by:

By sponsoring the OCA you show your support for our mission and help sustain a vibrant organization. Sponsorship also shows your support for Open Source and provides you the opportunity to "give back" to the community.


To maintain the collaborative infrastructure: Weblate, Runbot, the Odoo Website,... || To finance OpenUpgrade and allow you to migrate from any version to the latest one || To promote your modules by organizing events and code sprints

Current sponsors 57

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Past sponsors 45


Featured work

  1. OCA/OpenUpgrade

    Open source upgrade path for Odoo/OpenERP

    Python 553
  2. OCA/pylint-odoo

    Odoo plugin for Pylint

    Python 105
  3. OCA/maintainer-quality-tools

    QA tools for Odoo maintainers

    Python 88
  4. OCA/oca-github-bot

    The GitHub Bot of the Odoo Community Association (OCA)

    Python 28
  5. OCA/maintainer-tools

    Odoo Maintainers Tools & conventions for OCA members which evaluate and maintain repositories.

    Python 245

23% towards $3,000 per month goal

@max3903 @jgrandguillaume
@CasVissers-360ERP @rafaelbn @msteinfeld @yostashiro @hitrosol

max3903 and 56 others sponsor this goal

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For organizations - Help us fund the OpenUpgrade project for everyone to benefit from free migration. Secure our recurring costs to offer a strong Open Source ecosystem for contributors to collaborate.