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Flying through the air

PaperMC uses OpenCollective to manage our donations and costs:

All GitHub Sponsors will go directly towards our OpenCollective as well. If you would like a cosmetic role on the Discord server for donating, please ping us and have your GitHub account linked to your Discord account.

We appreciate everyone that chooses to donate and support this project.

Current sponsors 44

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Past sponsors 123


Featured work

  1. PaperMC/Paper

    The most widely used, high performance Minecraft server that aims to fix gameplay and mechanics inconsistencies

    Java 8,011
  2. PaperMC/Waterfall

    BungeeCord fork that aims to improve performance and stability.

    Shell 721
  3. PaperMC/

    The PaperMC Website

    SCSS 128
  4. PaperMC/Paperclip

    Bootstrap utility and launcher for the Paper Minecraft server

    Java 114
  5. PaperMC/paperweight

    Gradle build system plugin for Paper and Paper forks

    Kotlin 188
  6. PaperMC/PaperDocs

    Documentation for all projects under the PaperMC umbrella

    Python 47

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