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Purple Kingdom Games are a small band of hobbyists who are building free tools and software for gamers and game developers alike! We take on anything we’re excited about and have so far released an InputMapper for Unity, and an entirely new 2D game engine for Scala called Indigo. We’re also working on a Gloomhaven tool for people playing remotely during the coronavirus lockdown and beyond.


Indigo is our landmark functional game engine for programmers. Build and test your code with all of the checks and safety that functional programming in Scala provides. Indigo compiles to JavaScript, so you can ship your games to any platform!

The engine has been designed specifically with programmers in mind. It focuses on developer productivity and ease of testing.

Unity Input Mapper

The Unity Input Mapper was designed to allow programmers to load and save input mappings at runtime, while at the same time providing a familiar interface for those that already use Unity's inbuilt mappings.

7 sponsors are funding PurpleKingdomGames’s work.


Meet the team

Featured work

  1. PurpleKingdomGames/indigo

    An FP game engine for Scala.

    Scala 374
  2. PurpleKingdomGames/tyrian

    Elm-inspired Scala UI library.

    Scala 105
  3. PurpleKingdomGames/virtual-gloomhaven-board

    Interactive game board for Gloomhaven

    Elm 14

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