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The (real) name is Radka and as you already know I currently work at Red Hat.


During the day I'm a .NET Core Quality Engineering Lead where my responsibilities include writing code in various languages (C#, Python, BASH) and keeping an eye on the release processes, automation and helping our customers.

At night I'm a community manager of sorts, I take care of /r/Fedora, /r/RedHat, /r/CentOS and several verified and partnered communities on Discord. For this purpose I write extensive tools to help with the task, under the name Valkyrja Project - we offer highly customizable bots for Discord, and even hosting on our infrastructure.

This is where sponsorships come in. Running a server in your livingroom isn't a cheap undertaking at all. Two independent fiber ISPs, pfSense routing and switching. Latest Ryzen replacing multiple Xeon sockets. The heat is also real and AC adds to the bills.

Any and all contributions go into our infrastructure.

7 sponsors are funding RheaAyase’s work.


Basic bills - power, AC, domains, two ISPs, off-site monitoring hosting, etc...


Featured work

  1. ValkyrjaProject/Valkyrja.discord

    [C# - netcore] Community Management bot for Discord

    C# 30
  2. ValkyrjaProject/Valkyrja.modmail

    [C# - netcore] Modmail bot for Discord

    C# 3
  3. ValkyrjaProject/Valkyrja.coreLite

    [C# - netcore] Community Management bot for Discord (Core library without mysql)

    C# 1
  4. ValkyrjaProject/Valkyrja.template

    [C# - netcore] Template Discord bot for future projects.

    C# 2

18% towards $200 per month goal

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$2 a month


(PM Rhea#1234 to get the benefits.)

$5 a month


Premium Valkyrja features on our hosted instance, including:

  • Powerful customizable Antispam that ties into moderation and logging.
  • Profiles - embed user profiles for member introduction.
  • Karma - People receive cookies (you can change that) when they get thanked.
  • Experience and levels.
  • Modmail - We also offer our Modmail bot hosted in our infrastructure for our Subscribers and Partners.

Further we will happily help you configure your Discord server.

(PM Rhea#1234 to get the benefits.)

$10 a month

  • Custom bot development and hosting within reason. Discuss with Rhea.

(PM Rhea#1234 to get the benefits.)

$20 a month

  • Stand out on our Discord server even more with a Premium Support role.

(PM Rhea#1234 to get the benefits.)

$50 a month