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Your sponsorship helps me to work more on my favorite Open Source content management system Neos CMS. Since 2013 I contribute to this project and became are core team member.

I help the project by improving Neos itself, creating Open Source plugins, blogging about features and guides, helping community members on Slack,, speaking at meetups & conferences and also working as a consultant to help customers implementing the system for their company.

Besides Neos I also contribute other web related Open Source work and contribute to other projects which I use in my daily work.

About 30% of my time goes into Open Source and I love to continue doing that in the future. You can make this possible by sponsoring me!


Reaching this goal will allow me to put invest more time into high quality Neos related blog posts and spend more time into updating my packages.

Current sponsors 2


Past sponsors 8


Featured work

  1. Yoast/Yoast-SEO-for-Neos

    Yoast SEO integration for Neos CMS

    JavaScript 23
  2. Sebobo/Shel.Blog

    A simple blog based on Fusion and Yaml configurations without PHP requirements

    PHP 12
  3. germanysbestkeptsecret/Wookmark-jQuery

    A jQuery plugin to create a dynamic, multi-column layout.

    HTML 2,649
  4. Sebobo/Shel.Neos.Hyphens

    CKEditor plugin to insert hyphens & non-breaking spaces in Neos CMS

    JavaScript 19
  5. Sebobo/Shel.CriticalCSS

    Allow adding and combining inline (scoped) styles in Neos CMS

    PHP 10

5% towards $400 per month goal

@markusguenther @flownative

markusguenther and 1 other sponsor this goal

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You'll receive any rewards listed in the $50 monthly tier. Additionally, a Public Sponsor achievement will be added to your profile.

$5 a month


Sponsor a cup of coffee for me.

I love coffee and it‘s the perfect companion when I think about new ideas on how to improve Neos CMS and other Open Source projects.

$10 a month


Sponsor my lunch.

A developer has to eat and I love to cook food with my wife.
With this amount we can get some nice ingredients to make perfect German/Cambodian brainfood.

$20 a month


You really support the development of my packages.
Starting from this tier you get registration keys to get rid of the nagging widget in a all of my packages that have them.
The first package introducing this is the Terminal Plugin for Neos CMS.

$50 a month


It‘s getting serious ;)

This sponsorship already allows me to spent one more hour each month to work on contributions like SEO improvements for Neos CMS, new plugins or just helping the community.
You can be sure each hour is a great investment!

$100 a month


You should choose this tier if you simply love what I do or my work directly helps in your projects.

This gives me even a bigger boost to make even better and more contributions :)