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I really love the open source world, and creating web apps and system management apps. Whichever membership you choose, it will surely help me to be able to spend more time to these projects, and to others who are currently only in my head!


I'll be able to dedicate time to open source projects every week.

Current sponsors 2


Past sponsors 6

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Featured work

  1. SergiX44/XBackBone

    A lightweight file manager with full ShareX support and more

    PHP 724
  2. nutgram/nutgram

    The Telegram bot framework that doesn't drive you nuts.

    PHP 203
  3. SergiX44/ISPC-PHPCompiler

    Compile and manage multiple PHP versions easily!

    Shell 37
  4. SergiX44/twscraper

    A fast and simple scraper for the Twitter advanced search.

    PHP 4
  5. SergiX44/oddcast-tts-php

    A PHP interface to the online Oddcast demo API.

    PHP 2
  6. HermexTools/server-legacy

    Server side of Hermex client

    Java 4

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Thanks for the coffee!

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You like what i do and you want to support me to do better!

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This will allow me to spend more time on open source projects!
In addition, your nickname/company name will be included in the list of sponsors of one of my projects.

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This helps me to do better, and to invest more time in new projects and improve existing ones.
In addition, the to nickname/company will be included in the list of sponsors of all my projects.

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You're the best! This will definitely help me improve my equipment, development platforms, etc.
In addition, your nickname/company and logo will be placed at the top of the sponsor list of all my projects.

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You are incredible!
With this tier, you will gain the priority support.

$299 a month


OMG. You firmly believe in what I do.
In addition to the previous benefits, you can ask for technical support in private.