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Nicolas Hafner

Zürich, Switzerland

Hi, I work on open source libraries, mostly for Common Lisp. I primarily work in web development, user interfaces, and games. You may also know me from the Portacle project.

Honestly though, please only spend your money on me if you really think I deserve it for some reason. I do what I do because I like doing it, and I'm not sure donations would change that in any way. If you do donate, I will definitely appreciate it tremendously; knowing that others think what I do is worth enough to spend their hard-earned money on would be amazing.

If you would rather not spend monthly, you can also do one-time contributions by buying me a coffee.

12 sponsors are funding Shinmera’s work.


Featured work

  1. Shirakumo/radiance

    A Common Lisp web application environment

    Common Lisp 240
  2. Shinmera/qtools

    Qtools is a collection of utilities to aid development with CommonQt

    Common Lisp 180
  3. portacle/portacle

    A portable common lisp development environment

    Shell 551
  4. Shirakumo/maiden

    An extensible and highly modular bot framework -- Successor of Colleen

    Common Lisp 43
  5. Shirakumo/trial

    Yet another Common Lisp game engine

    Common Lisp 208
  6. Shirakumo/alloy

    A new user interface protocol and toolkit implementation

    Common Lisp 88

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$1 a month


Thank you very much! Maybe this'll help me sort out my crippling self-esteem issues. No guarantees on that, though.

$5 a month


This is like 5 people, but as one person, which makes you five times the person. That's just math.


$10 a month


If you look at it in binary, that's only 2$ for 10$ of actual worth. What a steal!

Thank you very much!

$15 a month


Now you're just being needlessly generous.

Thank you. Really.

$50 a month


This will cover the monthly server expenses for the services.