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I make things you might like:

  • BotBoy - A discord bot that can provide rich information from multiple sources.
  • PhotoBox - A bot that manipulates photos into funny things.
  • Taco - Manage Trello boards straight from Discord!

I do other projects like SnazzahAPI, HotImage and working on slash-create.

Supporting me helps towards the hosting of these bots and services. Enjoy.



Current sponsors 3


Past sponsors 1


Featured work

  1. Snazzah/HotImage

    🎴 Easy-to-use application that turns folders into image API

    HTML 9
  2. Snazzah/slash-create

    🗡️ Creator and handler for Discord's slash commands

    TypeScript 315
  3. Snazzah/SublimeDiscordRP

    📄 Discord rich presence for Sublime Text

    Python 128
  4. Snazzah/duck-duck-scrape

    🔎 Search from DuckDuckGo and utilize its spice APIs in Node

    TypeScript 44
  5. Snazzah/ducksearch

    Search with DuckDuckGo in Discord and utilize it's API.

    TypeScript 6
  6. Dexare/Voltare

    Modular and extendable Revolt bot framework.

    TypeScript 15

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