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Hi! I am Steve a GIS web developer. Because traditional GIS software is expensive and difficult to use, I have created and hope to create more GIS productivity tools to help planners, scientists, researchers, students and everyone in between to have access to simple-to-use GIS "light" tools to create GIS data and build professional looking maps.

Help support my GIS Productivity Tools to help make mapping easier and more accessible to everyone! These projects are open source and freely available for everyone to use.

Your sponsorship money will be used to pay for domain name registration, and to fund my time to maintain, update, and enhance my suite of GIS productivity tools. Those who sponsor my work will be given preference for new tools, features, and bug fixes. With your sponsorship, I hope to dedicate more of my time to these important projects and future tools.

Visit my website and find me on twitter at @SteveClineBird


Will help me dedicate more time to on my open source GIS productivity tools

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Featured work

  1. SteveCline/vector

    Vector GIS Data Editor for GeoJSON data

    JavaScript 13
  2. SteveCline/pdfmapmaker

    PDF Map Maker is the web's best professional PDF map making tool for creating simple custom maps for print.

    HTML 5
  3. SteveCline/samba

    Samba Trails Map

    HTML 1

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