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Dmitry Dygalo

Prague, Czech Republic

Hi, I am Dmitry 👋
I am a software engineer, mostly working with Rust 🦀 and Python 🐍, residing in Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿

My work

I am the author of the Schemathesis project and work on various other Open Source projects like pytest-recording, jsonschema-rs, and many more. I also occasionally write articles about Python, Rust, and testing in my blog.

What Sponsorship Does

If you would like to support my Open Source work, consider joining me as a sponsor!

But if you don't, it is perfectly OK - there are plenty of other ways to help like responding to issues or even opening pull requests :)

Suppose you are using Open Source libraries and tools to support your for-profit business. In that case, it makes business sense to sponsor the maintainers: it ensures that those projects your products rely on keep being actively maintained. In the end, it's a win-win situation, where you can freely use libraries that are in returned well maintained.

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I'll be able to cover my server costs! It means a lot if you help me achieve this goal :)


Featured work

  1. schemathesis/schemathesis

    Run thousands of randomly generated test scenarios based on your API specification and always be sure your API works as expected.

    Python 1,451
  2. Stranger6667/postmarker

    Python client library for Postmark API

    Python 106
  3. kiwicom/pytest-recording

    A pytest plugin that allows recording network interactions via

    Python 235
  4. Stranger6667/jsonschema-rs

    JSON Schema validation library

    Rust 279
  5. Stranger6667/css-inline

    Inline CSS into style attributes

    Rust 108
  6. Stranger6667/hypothesis-graphql

    Generate arbitrary queries matching your GraphQL schema, and use them to verify your backend implementation.

    Python 32

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