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I'm a mostly frontend developer with a connection to design and building strong developer experiences. I spend my time working on everything from tiny npm packages to multi-platform applications to create new experiences and elevate & streamline the development process.

You might know my work from a few of these projects:

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Enough to know that I'm on the right track with my projects πŸ™ƒ

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Featured work

  1. relagit/relagit

    The elegant solution to graphical version control.

    TypeScript 198
  2. TheCommieAxolotl/BetterDiscord-Stuff

    BetterDiscord Plugins and Themes

    CSS 115
  3. Velocity-Discord/Velocity

    Velocity is a Discord Client modification that allows you to extend discord's functionality and capabilities.

    JavaScript 32
  4. etcherjs/etcher

    Create reusable web components without touching a single line of javascript.

    TypeScript 3
  5. aero-mod/aero

    A next-generation Discord mod empowering users and developers alike.

    TypeScript 32
  6. TheCommieAxolotl/pyotr

    A tiny HTTP framework with inbuilt routing and middleware support.

    TypeScript 5

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