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I love creating and contributing to free open source projects I would use myself. Most of the projects I create attempt to solve problems that seem like they should have a simpler solution. For example of projects I have created:

  • 📱 Apple Cloud Notes Parser, which started as a challenge during a class and turned into a fun mobile forensics side project I sink time into as I can (MIT license).
  • ⛏️ SQLite Miner, which became an adventure trying to find hidden things in obvious places (GPLv3 license).

For examples of projects I have contributed to recently and plan to continue being involved in:

  • 🦞, which is both a great project and community
  • 💎 keyed_archive, which is a Ruby gem to deal with NSKeyedArchiver formatted Apple plists
  • 📖 WebRTC For the Curious, which is an interesting book on a topic I want to learn more about.

For insight into research I make available:

What Sponsorship Means

Contributing to open source projects is a hobby, sponsorship will help create the opportunity to do more of it, more seriously. I have plans for both Apple Cloud Notes Parser and another project I have yet to spend enough time to get off the ground, both of which should be useful for the larger forensics community (or those who want to be able to recover/backup Apple Notes in a free format).

In addition, I would love to get deeper into mobile forensics research and my home test lab is mediocre. Sponsorship will help offset the costs of expanding Apple mobile hardware test devices, expand AWS use to make more test data and research available to others, and allow me to spend time dedicated to building this code base and using it for forensic research for the community.


Reaching 10 sponsors would validate that I'm putting work into meaningful problems and not just tilting at windmills.

Current sponsors 4


Past sponsors 1


Featured work

  1. threeplanetssoftware/apple_cloud_notes_parser

    Parser for Apple Notes data stored on the Cloud as seen on Apple handsets

    Ruby 171
  2. threeplanetssoftware/sqlite_miner

    A script to mine SQLite databases for hidden gems that might be overlooked

    Perl 37
  3. webrtc-for-the-curious/webrtc-for-the-curious

    WebRTC for the Curious: Go beyond the APIs

    Python 1,576
  4. paulyoung/keyed_archive

    A Ruby gem for working with files produced by NSKeyedArchiver.

    Ruby 3

40% towards 10 sponsors goal

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@podviaznikov @montaigneio

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$1 a month


This tier just lets me know you believe I'm doing something that benefits you or a community you care about. 10 of these will offset the monthly costs I intend to run on AWS if I build out some of my projects.

$5 a month


The expense forensics tools have full-time developers, this tier allows me to dedicate time each month to professionalize the code bases and continue adding features on as mobile platforms update.