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I am active in a lot of projects in a variety of capacities. I am the maintainer of a few projects most notably @HexChat and @Pithos. I contribute to a number of @GNOME projects such as GLib, libsoup, and GNOME-Builder as well as tooling such as @mesonbuild and @flatpak and I help maintain @flathub.

My goal with sponsors is just help continue that work. As you can see with the tiers I don't currently have many rewards to give because honestly I give out a lot already. All of my work is developed in the open and I've always been easy to reach to discuss anything or get help. Hopefully that encourages sponsors rather than discourages.

Current sponsors 1


Past sponsors 15

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Featured work

  1. hexchat/hexchat

    GTK+ IRC client

  2. mesonbuild/meson

    The Meson Build System

    Python 5,355
  3. flatpak/flatpak

    Linux application sandboxing and distribution framework

  4. pithos/pithos

    A Pandora Radio Client

    Python 504
  5. TingPing/plugins

    Various plugins and scripts for various programs.

    Python 103
  6. TingPing/transmission-remote-gnome

    Remote client for the Transmission torrent daemon

    Python 18

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You'll receive any rewards listed in the $10 monthly tier. Additionally, a Public Sponsor achievement will be added to your profile.

$1 a month


Just a thanks for the work I've done.

$5 a month


Just a thanks for the work I've done, plus virtual high five ✋

$10 a month


Just a thnks for the work I've done, plus 2 virtual high fives ✋ ✋ (The math checks out).