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Hi i'm Tricked,

I work on various opensource projects one of the biggest being Ascella by sponsoring me on github you can help pay for the costs it takes to keep those projects up!

  • Nowrom A website and backend that allows you to find roms for your devices
  • Natico A powerful command framework for discordeno
  • Diplo A script runner for deno written in rust
  • Lowestbins A api that determines the cheapest items from the auction house on the hypixel network its the fastest out here
  • ArgonInstaller A flutter mod installer for minecraft
  • Octocat-rs A api library for github written in rust
  • Tricked-Bot An opensource bot to make your community more active
  • Darkvault A file downloader http server
  • VWMetrics Turn your Vaultwarden database into Prometheus metrics
  • XSteps Xsteps is a simple tool to help you create a step-by-step guide for your users.
  • The first fully opensource Skyblock mod backend lol.


my Discord


This will cover my server costs! And motivates me to keep doing what i love!

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Featured work

  1. Tricked-dev/diplo

    A script runner for deno. πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

    Rust 23
  2. ascellahost/tsunami

    The ascella backend

    Rust 2
  3. octocat-rs/octocat-rs

    (WIP) A GitHub API client.

    Rust 33
  4. Tricked-dev/argoninstaller

    A beautiful mod installer for minecraft supporting custom repositories and more.

    Dart 17
  5. Tricked-dev/deno-loki

    Loki logger for deno!

    TypeScript 2
  6. nowrom/devices

    A daily updating site with a list of phone roms and the devices those roms support

    TypeScript 4

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