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Tony Brix

United States

I help maintain marked.js and contribute to Node.js, Jasmine, LDAPjs, and QuaggaJS. I am also the author and maintainer of many Atom packages and npm packages.

I love working on applications that make people more efficient. My mom used to say "The easiest way to get something done is to do it yourself." which is why I contribute bug fixes and other features to so many open source applications.

Find out more about me at (Try playing Mine Sweeper, you can save your high scores)

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Featured work

  1. UziTech/git-menu

    An package to use git from the context menu

    JavaScript 14
  2. markedjs/marked

    A markdown parser and compiler. Built for speed.

    JavaScript 31,842
  3. UziTech/atom-jasmine3-test-runner

    A test runner for Atom using Jasmine 3.x

    JavaScript 1
  4. UziTech/SudokuPlayer

    Generate, play and solve sudoku puzzles

    C# 1
  5. UziTech/action-setup-atom

    GitHub action to setup Atom and APM

    JavaScript 29
  6. coffeelint/coffeelint

    Lint your CoffeeScript.

    CoffeeScript 16

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