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Tony Brix

United States

I help maintain marked.js and contribute to Node.js, Jasmine, LDAPjs, and QuaggaJS. I am also the author and maintainer of many Atom packages and npm packages.

I love working on applications that make people more efficient. My mom used to say "The easiest way to get something done is to do it yourself." which is why I contribute bug fixes and other features to so many open source applications.

Find out more about me at (Try playing Mine Sweeper, you can save your high scores)

Featured work

  1. UziTech/git-menu

    An package to use git from the context menu

    JavaScript 14
  2. markedjs/marked

    A markdown parser and compiler. Built for speed.

    JavaScript 28,372
  3. UziTech/atom-jasmine3-test-runner

    A test runner for Atom using Jasmine 3.x

    JavaScript 1
  4. UziTech/SudokuPlayer

    Generate, play and solve sudoku puzzles

    C# 1
  5. UziTech/action-setup-atom

    GitHub action to setup Atom and APM

    JavaScript 27
  6. coffeelint/coffeelint

    Lint your CoffeeScript.

    CoffeeScript 12

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