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I am the author of and work full-time on The Inko programming language. With your continued support I'll be able to continue working on Inko full-time.

For more information you can refer to my personal website.

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This (roughly) covers my monthly costs, plus a little extra just to be safe. This means I can work on Inko full-time, without having to rely on savings to cover my bills.

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Featured work

  1. inko-lang/inko

    A language for building concurrent software with confidence

    Rust 817
  2. yorickpeterse/openflow

    A ventilation system built around Itho Daalderop's DemandFlow system, written in Inko

    Dockerfile 7
  3. yorickpeterse/oga

    Oga is an XML/HTML parser written in Ruby.

    Ruby 1,165
  4. tov/libffi-rs

    Rust bindings for libffi

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Thanks to your continued support, I'll be able to continue working on Inko. Thanks so much!

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The same as the $5 tier, except it's $10/month 😄