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Hello World

Hey there! I am Francesco known as Airscript on the web.
I am a passionate Software Engineer that literally shares happiness with code.

About Me

Currently I am working as a Remote Software Engineer for @hlpy.
While doing this, from time to time I make my own open source softwares that span between CLIs, TUIs and guides mostly.
Other than that I am also a Coordinator for Plastic Free, a Community Administrator for Open Source Support and lover of @Pannyloo, who's my favorite person.

Current Projects

Actually I'm working on Awesome Steam Deck and cacca.
Aside this, I'm gathering knowledge to achieve CKA since I am deeply interested in Kubernetes and related stuff.
I'm also trying to get better with content creation, making content that spans between videos, posts and blog articles.
For this reason I've created and opened, aside my social channels, a personal blog.

Sponsorship Meaning

A sponsorship for me means that my work has an impact of any kind, hopefully positive.
This leads me to invest more into open source for trying to help and reach more people than ever.
If you feel that I have impacted your life, think about doing this small action that will change for the better the work that I do. Thank you kindly.


Reaching this goal will consolidate a minimum funding that will help me running servers needed for the projects.

Current sponsors 6

Past sponsors 6

Featured work

  1. airscripts/awesome-steam-deck

    A curated list of awesome Steam Deck software, resources and more.

  2. airscripts/blog

    Blog about open source, motivation and much more.

    HTML 24
  3. airscripts/analscript

    A modern approach for writing anally fast stuff.

    JavaScript 10
  4. airscripts/polyglot

    Collection of stuff written in different languages.

    Nim 8
  5. airthics/devine

    A command line interface used to parse and validate JSON config files, enforcing a given specification.

    Nim 6
  6. molivair/dinos

    Collection of a hundred dinosaurs made with different art styles.

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You'll receive any rewards listed in the $5 monthly tier. Additionally, a Public Sponsor achievement will be added to your profile.

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Human Tier

This is the base monthly tier.
You get lifetime access to my private group, private channel and newsletter and your username printed with Brainfuck in a dedicated repository.

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Bearer Tier

This is the intermediate monthly tier.
You get access to all perks from Human Tier, to my private projects that will be open source in future, a badge on my public wall of top supporters and one more esolang selected for your printed username.

$10 a month


Dominant Tier

This is the advanced monthly tier.
You get all the perks from Bearer Tier, one hour of my free time a week totally for you and your projects and one more esolang randomly selected for your printed username.