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My dream is to build amazing things that provide value to many people

Hello friend 👋🏾 My name is Alexander Alemayhu and I am senior developer during the day. At night I am a open source web developer building helpful and useful tools for people all around the world 🌎 Please note that I am very happy with my day job and GitHub sponsorships are a way to cover operational costs for my projects.

If you enjoy using any of my projects and they are providing you value then consider becoming a sponsor to support me 😊 Thank you for even considering it!

I am developing the tool 2anki which helps you make beautiful flashcards better, faster and easier for Anki. If you enjoy using my tools and they are providing you with value then please become a patron to support the development 🙏🏾
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Reaching this goal would be insane and hopefully validate that I am providing value (1K supporters 🤯)

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