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Alex de Sousa

Barcelona, Spain

Hello there! My name is Alex: an Elixir alchemist.

Elixir has been my main language since 2016. Its tools and friendly community encouraged me for the first time to contribute to Open Source.

It's rewarding to be able to build tools others might find useful. And it's even better, when this same people help you build a better tool: bug reports, feature requests and more than welcome pull requests.

Projects I Actively Maintain

  • AyeSQL: an Elixir library for using raw SQL.
  • Skogsrå: an Elixir library for handling application configuration with ease.
  • Yggdrasil: An agnostic Elixir pubsub app with a simple API. Some adapters for Yggdrasil:
  • ICON SDK: A SDK to connect to the ICON 2.0 blockchain either via its JSON RPC API or realtime updates via its websocket.
  • Hab: a simple zsh plugin for handling environment variables.
  • Oath: a simple zsh plugin for handling one-time passwords in the shell.

Featured work

  1. gmtprime/skogsra

    Library to manage OS environment variables and application configuration options with ease

    Elixir 95
  2. gmtprime/yggdrasil

    Subscription and publishing server for Elixir applications.

    Elixir 97
  3. alexdesousa/ayesql

    Library for using raw SQL in Elixir

    Elixir 106
  4. alexdesousa/icon

    Elixir SDK for interacting with the ICON 2.0 blockchain

    Elixir 3
  5. alexdesousa/hab

    Oh My ZSH plugin for loading OS environment automatically

    Shell 10
  6. alexdesousa/oath

    Zsh plugin to manage one-time passwords.

    Shell 6

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Earl Grey ☕ Tier!

This tier pays my favorite drink: I really love a hot freshly brewed Earl Grey tea in the morning.

What tangible rewards do you get?

  • Positive karma: a sponsor 🎖️ badge on your profile!
  • Feels good meme: the satisfaction that you've helped sustain the Open Source community. Believe me, I'm grateful for your contribution ❤️

$10 a month


Tequeños Time 🧀 Tier!

My favorite Venezuelan snacks are tequeños (pronounced teh-keh-nee-oh). Though I don't live in Venezuela anymore, they are widely available in several restaurants in Barcelona. This tier pays for my monthly dose of tequeños.

What tangible rewards do you get?

  • All the previous rewards.

$60 a month


Month-iversary 💕 Tier!

Every month my wife and I celebrate our month-iversary. Sounds cheesy, I know, but that's how we are. This tier will help us to have our date night on our special day ❤️

Expending time with my wife is always rewarding and energizing. A happy programmer is a better programmer ❤️

What tangible rewards do you get?

  • All the previous rewards.
  • Up to an hour of my time a month to talk about whatever you want. I will try my best to share my knowledge.

$300 a month


"My Company Doesn't Have an Open Source Donation Budget" 🏢 Tier!

Companies usually don't have a budget for Open Source donations (though they should). However, they actually have a budget for training and education. That's what this tier is all about.

What tangible rewards do you get?

  • All the previous rewards.
  • 4 hours a month for your team to consult on any topic related to Elixir. I might not know everything, but be certain I'll do my best to share my knowledge.

$6,000 a month


Oh My Odin 👑 Tier!

I have very low expectations anyone will choose this tier. If it happens, I'm happy to figure out a way to schedule our meetings 🔨

What tangible rewards do you get?

  • All previous tier rewards.
  • 10 hours a week of my time, on average. This consists on a remote call or, if you're in Barcelona, we can meet in person. We can pair program and discuss ideas and projects 🔨