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Hi! I'm Alex Jover, a Google Developer Expert, Vue.js community member and the creator of VueDose, the Vue.js and Nuxt.js newsletter aimed to busy devs.

My aim with being sponsored is simple: to have more time for you to create educational resources and tools.

With more than 2 years experience on it, I play a mentor role in the web community (specially Vue.js), having many articles and courses published in different platforms. But what I'm mostly excited about is VueDose.

I believe that bite-sized educational content following a by-practice and pragmatic way to learn it is the way to go for any person. That's what experience taught me and I validated it with a lot of feedback from many devs.

And people loves VueDose, even the most experienced devs. Just look!

Unfortunately, living from it takes time and needs income. Not only to cover some costs, but specially for the time necessary to maintain it and to create new resources. Keep in mind that only writing, publishing and spreading a tip on VueDose already takes an important chunk of time.

Right now is not sustainable. With ads I'm basically covering the tooling needed to run VueDose.

However, with your help I'd be able to keep publishing the best topics on VueDose in a weekly basis, having a minimum income. I've got a lot of topics and tips to share, such as:

  • Nuxt.js (really many, both intermediate and advanced)
  • Vue 3
  • Web Performance and best practices

I also plan to grow and improve VueDose so you can benefit even more from it. Some ideas are:

  • Categorize by tags
  • Create other content formats: tip series following a topic, longer articles...

I could also work on maintain and improve my most popular open source packages, such as v-lazy-image, v-runtime-template or typescript-library-starter.

Contributing on this means helping the education of many devs on the Vue and JavaScript ecosystem.

And I'll be deeply thankful if you help me achieve this dream!

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Once in a while, you'll have the privilege to suggest the topics and ideas you want me to cover for VueDose in a private session.

Don't just read it, be a part of it!

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We can have a 1-hour month video call to help you with projects on Vue, Nuxt, WebPerf or JavaScript matters.

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