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Vladimir Jimenez

Los Angeles, US

I spend an unreasonable amount of time in the open-source community. I typically work on projects during class, family events, social gatherings, meetings, you name it; I get bored. Out of that boredom, comes a lot of terrible ideas highly specific projects.

If any of my projects or work has saved you or your company any money, time, headaches, or effort, please consider supporting me and my ventures! With your support, I'll be able to know which of my own open source projects deserve my time the most.

Additionally, if you like the work I'm doing in any of the other projects I help maintain or collaborate on, you may also sponsor my work for those projects!

Thank you for your support ❤️

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You will receive a Sponsor badge on your profile.

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Your name will be added to the Supporters page on my website ( thanking all of my sponsors with a link to any of your social media accounts.

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Your name or your company's logo will be placed in the repository of your choosing under my GitHub account (@allejo or @stakx-io).

$30 a month


You can choose which issues and pull requests should be prioritized over others in any of my open source projects.

You may also specify which issues I should prioritize in other open source projects I am a collaborator in; some exceptions may apply to this.

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