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My name is Mihai and I am a Java Developer living in Europe.
My constant focus is OOP -- I believe most of today's OOP practices are quite far from what OOP was meant to be.

I work on multiple projects on Github, including

One day, I'd like to be able to work full-time on OSS projects and be paid for it.

1 sponsor is funding amihaiemil’s work.


10 sponsors x $3/month would pay my phone bill. Still far from being able to work on Github full-time but hey, it's a start.


Featured work

  1. decorators-squad/eo-yaml

    YAML for Java 8 and above. A user-friendly OOP library. Previously known as "Camel".

    Java 229
  2. amihaiemil/docker-java-api

    Lightweight Java Docker client

    Java 244
  3. self-xdsd/self-core

    Self's core, implemented with Java SE 11.

    Java 25
  4. self-xdsd/self-web

    The Self Web Application

    JavaScript 16
  5. self-xdsd/self-pm

    Self Project Manager

    Java 9
  6. amihaiemil/

    My blog about programming.

    HTML 5

10% towards 10 sponsors goal


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$3 a month


Buy me one coffee a month and I'll be able to make my projects even better. Who knows, maybe you'll use one of them someday.

$5 a month


If you're using one of my projects, I'll definitely find the time to help you as quickly as possible with any issues you may have.

$10 a month


I'll try my best to fix any bugs you encounter in my projects and release immediately. My record so far was fixing a bug and releasing to Maven Central in half an hour.

$100 a month


I'll help you work around edge cases when it comes to my projects. Maybe even agree to implement custom behaviour, if it can fit in the architecture.

I can also review your code and tell you if you're not using my libraries the way you're supposed to.

$500 a month


For $500 a month I'll teach you and/or your team all the stuff that I use in my projects, including OOP architecture (particularly libraries), CI-CD automations, testing and development methodology.

Your Github project will have a proper start into the OSS world.