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Building Better Software

How would you find tools to improve code quality?

If you're anything like us, you'd Google for "static analysis tools" and
click on the first link.
For a long time, that would lead you to our list on Github. And it was exactly that: a long list of tools, all nicely formatted — but without any context. It was your responsibility to judge what to choose from that long list.

Wikipedia isn't much of a help either and pretty much any other website would try to sell you a single tool directly — without any peer-review.

That's a broken market to begin with!

It's hard to know where to start or who to ask for great tools; so the same (perhaps outdated) tools get recommended by word of mouth. Modern/better alternatives are hard to find — and that's a disadvantage if you're a maintainer of a great new tool.

An Open Platform for Code Quality

To fix these issues, we are building a platform for writing better software.
Users can vote for their favorite tools, write comments, and help each other on their journey towards improving code quality.

All of our projects are completely open-source and we're hoping for sponsors to support us with the maintenance costs and webdesign work.

Individual Supporters

If you're an individual who is considering to support us, please pick any amount that feels reasonable to you.
Every cent helps keep the lights on and build better software. 😊❤️

Company Sponsors

We found that the people who are interested in linters and static analysis tools are usually the ones who want to improve their code quality and become better developers.
It's an awesome pool of talent! Sponsoring would make your voice heard and make these motivated people aware of your services.

We use OpenCollective as our 501(c)(6) Fiscal Host, which serves as a legal and financial commons. It takes care of our accounting and financial administration. You will get monthly invoices through them. Go here to sign up as a sponsor on OpenCollective or reach out for questions via

1 sponsor has funded analysis-tools-dev’s work.


Meet the team

Featured work

  1. analysis-tools-dev/static-analysis

    ⚙️ A curated list of static analysis (SAST) tools for all programming languages, config files, build tools, and more. The focus is on tools which improve code quality.

  2. analysis-tools-dev/dynamic-analysis

    ⚙️ A curated list of dynamic analysis tools for all programming languages, binaries, and more.

    Rust 605
  3. analysis-tools-dev/website

    ⚙️ Source code of the official Analysis Tools website

    JavaScript 13

Select a tier

$5 a month


🤗 Individual Sponsor

Analysis Tools is all of us. The more individual sponsors we have, the more we can represent the interests of the entire community, so come on in! 😉
It's also a great way to say "thank you".


  • Eternal gratitude.
  • Personal tweet from the maintainers. 💌

$25 a month


📌 Section Sponsor

Highlight your tool or service in a category of your choice.
The entry will stand out and you will get a "sponsor" badge to
let people know that you support a good cause.


  • Tool gets highlighted on the website
  • You're promoting your brand to be open-source friendly.

$100 a month


👩‍💻👨🏻‍💻 Company Sponsor

This is aiming at smaller companies and freelancers, which want to show their support for the organization and get some visibility on their own tools and services.


  • We’ll add a badge at the top of the static analysis and dynamic analysis repositories as well as on and link to a website of your choice.

$250 a month


⭐️⭐️ Company Sponsor Plus

This is aiming for companies that want to get a lot of promotion for their product.


  • We’ll add a badge to all repos + a banner in the listings on our website.
  • We’ll also write a sponsored blog-post to introduce a static-analysis tool of your choice to our users.

$500 a month


⭐️⭐️⭐️ Company Sponsor Premium - Video Workshop

Aiming at companies who want to reach the next level by making leads more engaging with video content. We will collaborate on a hosted webcast to really show off some unique features of your product to our users. It includes a license for the video content for your own purposes.


  • All of the above + a collaboration to create a 30min to 1h video course for your tool that is hosted on our site.