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Hi, I'm Anne Jan Brouwer.
Started playing with code at age six when my dad bought a C64.
Never stopped since.

I am the creator and maintainer of QtPass.

In 2017 me and a crew of dedicated hackers created the SHA2017 badge which turned into the platform and app repository for hacker gadgets.

Currently I'm paying for hosting of these platforms out of pocket.

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I'd love to have some sponsors for my opensource work 🥰


Featured work

  1. IJHack/QtPass

    QtPass is a multi-platform GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager.

    C++ 861
  2. badgeteam/Hatchery hatchery micropython app repository

    PHP 7
  3. annejan/swarmtv

    SwarmTv is a broadcatching tool

    C 1
  4. noprotocol/php-mysql-aes-crypt

    Encrypt/decrypt data in PHP to a format compatible with MySQL AES_ENCRYPT & AES_DECRYPT functions.

    PHP 18
  5. annejan/360-Player

    HTML5 360° still and video player

    JavaScript 2

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