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Hi all! You may know me as the Keka 🐞 creator, anyhow...

I really love to write efficient code for fun and for a good purpose, as well as I like to help people where and when I can. If you like any of my projects or the contributions I do on others projects (PR, reporting, helping with others issues...) and you want to appreciate it with some cash, feel free to sponsor me 😊.

As I always say, the best contribution is feedback and time.

10 sponsors are funding aonez’s work.


Featured work

  1. aonez/Keka

    The macOS file archiver

  2. aonez/GitHubCounter

    The Ghounter Safari Extension displays the download count on any Releases page in GitHub. For iOS and macOS.

    JavaScript 14
  3. aonez/NightShiftPatcher

    Enable Night Shift feature on a non supported Mac

    Shell 27

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Thanks for that brew! ☕️

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I'll have a dinner on you every month, because coding needs feeding... 😋🍱

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Make it two dinners, my brain is starving! Brainz! 🤤🥘🥗