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Hi! I'm Anthony 👋

I'm currently working on creating apps that integrate Bitcoin with a modern web tech stack. My main focus is towards the Lightning Network ⚡️ and developing ThunderHub.

Open source projects are awesome and the experiences and learnings I've gotten from creating one are amongst the best I've had.

My goal is to improve the use of Bitcoin and have it go hand in hand with an awesome UI and UX. I hope you join me on this adventure! 🤟

With your support everything is possible 👯‍♂️

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Featured work

  1. apotdevin/thunderhub

    ThunderHub LND Lightning Node Manager in your Browser

    TypeScript 331

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Great tier to say thank you for the work I've done with my open source project. You'll even get a badge on your profile that says you support me! Thanks!

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Great tier if you have used my open source projects in one of your projects or it has brought value to you in one way or another! Thank you very much for the contribution!

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Great tier if you have a business or have created a company that is using one of my projects. This contribution is greatly appreciated and helps me to continue developing cool apps! Thanks!

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Great tier if you are just great. For real. This is more than appreciated and is great motivation for the future of my projects. Once again, thank you for this contribution 🙌