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Welcome to my fabulous world of coding! My name is April and I'm known on the interweb as Vogue and Code! What started as a means to keep up with my Python skills turned into a library of project tutorials and YouTube videos to help devs like YOU learn Python!

If you're unfamiliar with my content, let's just say that you're in for a treat! I relate most (if not all) of my content to fashion. However, there are also some pop-culture references here and there!

With my projects, I build "practical" and "useful" apps for your everyday life (…because who doesn't need a Mean Girls Lorem Ipsum generator?). Although fun and entertaining, my tutorials and projects are designed for absolute beginners to learn fundamental programming concepts.

All code shared within my content is available right here on my GitHub! It's free to use and provided as a means to help you get started with your own projects.

With the help of GitHub Sponsors, I can maintain and invest in new resources to create even more content! Although sponsorship is totally optional, just know that your support keeps quality informative content coming down the pipeline (and all my cloud software subscriptions active!).

All sponsorships starting at $10 will receive a custom "I Support Creators" sticker designed by my own two hands!

i support creators

If you have any questions, feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@VogueandCode) or send me an email (

As always, happy coding!

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For the life of your sponsorship, you'll receive a one-time offer of [2] cheat sheets [1] custom lesson video and [1] 1:1 virtual session with your students.

Don't worry, you'll also receive a shout-out and the custom I Support Creators sticker, too!

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