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I'm passionate about open source and building productivity tools! (mostly in python)

If you've worked with a code formatter, linter, or testing tool in python I've probably contributed some part to it. I created @pre-commit and I'm a core developer on @pytest-dev, and @tox-dev. I maintain flake8 and help maintain pyflakes as a member of the @PyCQA. I build backported/forwardported pythons for ubuntu with @deadsnakes and I'm a member of @sass working on python bindings for libsass. I also build lots of productivity tools, linters, and code formatters and constantly strive to improve the python ecosystem.

I also livestream a lot of the software I build on twitch / youtube providing free educational content by showing the process to the madness :)

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Featured work

  1. asottile/pyupgrade

    A tool (and pre-commit hook) to automatically upgrade syntax for newer versions of the language.

    Python 2,269
  2. asottile/git-code-debt

    A dashboard for monitoring code debt in a git repository.

    Python 516
  3. asottile/reorder_python_imports

    Rewrites source to reorder python imports

    Python 580
  4. asottile/add-trailing-comma

    A tool (and pre-commit hook) to automatically add trailing commas to calls and literals.

    Python 259
  5. asottile/all-repos

    Clone all your repositories and apply sweeping changes.

    Python 396

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