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Hey there, thanks for checking out my sponsor page! I'm super thankful that you want to help contribute to the open source community!

I created AudioKit and decided to open source it and give it away for free because I wanted audio programming to be easier for everybody. I never wanted to deal with outside investors or the hassle of licensing and copy protection. I don't want a regular job and have turned down several opportunities at Apple and other companies. However, as a result, I don't have a traditional revenue stream and for that reason that I am very excited and happy that you will be a sponsor of mine.

In exchange for your help on my open source efforts, I'm willing to help you with your efforts too! I want us all to be super successful and make a real impact on the audio application community! So, to thank you, I am offering you personal screen sharing and consulting time with me at all the higher level tiers.

I'm committed to AudioKit, so its going to move forward no matter what, but your help will enable me devote more time to it and speed up the creation of features, tutorials, and even a brand new version of AudioKit!


Here's me (second from left) with other AudioKit folks outside of WWDC

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$5 a month


High Fiver

Subscribe at this tier if you want to let me know that you appreciate my efforts with AudioKit and appear on the sponsors list.

$25 a month



  • Invitation to the private AudioKit Slack Group
  • TestFlight Beta Access to unreleased and updated AudioKit apps
  • Promo codes to all AudioKit apps
  • AudioKit T-Shirt (ships to within U.S. only)
  • AudioKit Sticker Pack (ships to within U.S. only)

$100 a month



  • All the rewards from the lower tiers PLUS
  • Invitation to my weekly group chat/screen share
  • Access to private repositories before they are made public

$250 a month



  • All the rewards from the lower tiers PLUS
  • I will personally spend up to an hour per month screensharing with you or any member of your team to help you get set up, fix bugs, or optimize your app

$1000 a month



  • All the rewards from the lower tiers PLUS
  • Personal support for your project for up to 3 additional hours of consulting, including profiling and optimizing your apps
  • You will get input on AudioKit's road map, including feature requests
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