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Become a sponsor to Avaer Kazmer

Avaer is making Exokit and other web metaverse things!


Placing multiple 3d (WebXR) sites in a shared space with friends in the Exokit World.


We've been programming for over 20 years, 7 years VR -- almost everything we've done is MIT licensed.

We've built VR emulators in Webassembly, VR minecraft clones in Javascript, full native web browsers from scratch, javascript metaverse engines, and literally VR web browsers in your VR web browser. We have shipped WebXR engine support on standalone devices when the company didn't support it.

Basically, we just want the metaverse to happen.

Exokit World

Our current project is a WebXR universe made out of GitHub repositories.
It's MIT licensed, built from community PRs, and of course accessible on every desktop, mobile, and VR/AR web browser.

Metaverse Makers Mastermind

Adrian presenting on The Metaverse Technology in your Web Browser at M3.

We steward a bi-weekly mastermind group -- Metaverse Makers Mastermind -- that hosts the leading speakers in the WebXR space as we talk about how we are making the things we read about in science fiction books a reality.

We also run regular livestreams, manage the YouTube channel, and cultivate a community of developers / virtual world enthusiasts in the Exokit Discord.

3 sponsors are funding avaer’s work.


Featured work

  1. avaer/antikyth

    Bullet Physics 3 server for node.js

    C++ 26
  2. avaer/node-webvr

    Native WebVR for node

    JavaScript 11
  3. avaer/webgl-to-opengl

    Convert GLSL from WebGL to OpenGL

    JavaScript 13
  4. avaer/archae

    A full-stack Javascript plugin system for modern web apps, built around NPM

    JavaScript 8
  5. avaer/node-android-lib

    Build Node.js shared library on Android

    JavaScript 8
  6. avaer/LabSound

    🔬 🔈 A C++11 audio engine derived from the WebAudio specification

    C++ 8

Select a tier

$5 a month


Basic support for Exokit projects in Discord.
Ticket to Metaverse Makers Mastermind meetups -- be the first to see what the community is working on and AMA.

$20 a month


+Exclusive access to private Discord channels where decisions are made. Have a say in development!

$40 a month


+MIT License unlocked for all Exokit projects.

$50 a month


+Exclusive early access to secret project betas. This happens a lot.

$100 a month


+Exokit dev team will write an educational blog post on the topic of your choice.

$250 a month


+2 hours of consulting on the project of your choice -- does not need to be Exokit related.

$500 a month


+4 additional hours of consulting on the project of your choice.

$2,000 a month


+I will fly out to you for a full day and help in any capacity you wish, to the best of my ability. You can stack this bonus to extend the visit.