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I'm the creator and maintainer of Javers — the object auditing and diff framework for Java.

JaVers is an Apache-licensed open source project and it’s completely free to use.
JaVers is gaining momentum, the number of downloads from The Central is growing. In June 2019, javers-core was downloaded 50,000 times.

However, the amount of effort needed to maintain Javers and develop new features is also growing.

My work in Javers project is not sustainable without financial backing.


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This shows your support for the Javers project. Any such support is very much appreciated!

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I will answer one of your question a month at .

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Your company logo (or name) will be featured in the Javers Github repository and on website.

Javers Github repository and Javers website get about 10k views per month (combined).

All benefits from the lower tiers are included.

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Access to up to 2 hours of support per month.
The support could be related to configuration, domain mapping hints or performance tuning of Javers in your project.

All benefits from the lower tiers are included.