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Bart Veneman

The Netherlands

After getting my Bachelor's degree in CS I started working on this thing called Project Wallace to statically analyze CSS. Since it's inception it has become bigger and bigger. Project Wallace is now a large collection of Open Source repositories.

With your support Project Wallace can stay online, so that everyone can use of the CSS analysis and CSS fetching tools for free!

Featured work

  1. projectwallace/css-diff-action

    Project Wallace GitHub Action to report CSS diffs to PR's

    JavaScript 32
  2. projectwallace/css-code-quality

    Calculate the Code Quality score of your CSS based on a range of different quality guards.

    JavaScript 4
  3. projectwallace/color-sorter

    Sort CSS colors by hue, then by saturation

    JavaScript 48
  4. projectwallace/extract-css-core

    Extract all CSS from a given url, both server side and client side rendered.

    JavaScript 33

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☕️ Buy me a coffee

Your donation allows me to buy a good cup of coffee. Luckily coffee isn't too expensive here, and your support will help me take a break once in a while, getting my thoughts straight to start tackling that Next Big Thing.

$6 a month


😇 Support day-to-day operations

With your support I can pay for the monthly costs of owning a domain name, web hosting services, email services, error logs, databases, ... Knowing that you have my back is going to help me sleep at night. Getting ready for a new day with new node_modules!

$50 a month


🏆 Logo placement

You know what? If you decide to chip in, I'll let you put your company logo in 1 of my repos of your choosing.

$100 a month


🤙 Priority support

  • You get priority support when asking for support in one of my or @projectwallace's repos.
  • I'll let you put your company logo in 1 of my repos of your choosing.