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I'm Benoit, a self-employed software craftsman 👋

I've been doing open-source since 2004 with the Winpooch project, and nowadays, I'm maintaining three popular Arduino libraries:

  • ArduinoJson, a JSON library for embedded C++. It's currently the most popular Arduino library on GitHub. Even if it was originally designed for Arduino, it can be used on any C++ project.
  • StreamUtils, a collection of utilities to complement streams in Arduino (for example Serial, EthernetClient, and WiFiClient). It allows extending existing streams with features like logging, buffering, and error correction. It's a perfect companion to ArduinoJson but can be used without it.
  • ArduinoTrace, a very simple tracing library for Arduino.

All these projects are thoroughly tested with close to 100% coverage, which is pretty unique for Arduino libraries 😎.
I generally answer issues and PR in less than 24 hours and keep the backlog of open issues clean.

On top of that, I maintain the website, with all the documentation, examples, and news about ArduinoJson (more than 500 pages 😲). This site also includes two unique tools:

ArduinoJson is used in thousands of projects, and is visited by roughly 2000 users per day, with an average session duration above 5 minutes! There is also an ArduinoJson mailing-list with 250+ subscribers. Lastly, my book Mastering ArduinoJson has nearly 2000 readers.

By sponsoring me, you'll allow me to continue crafting useful and well-designed libraries for Arduino and IoT.

You'll also allow me to write new quality articles on and, who knows, maybe shoot more videos.

Thanks! ❤️

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Featured work

  1. bblanchon/ArduinoJson

    📟 JSON library for Arduino and embedded C++. Simple and efficient.

  2. bblanchon/ArduinoTrace

    📓 A dead-simple tracing library to debug your Arduino programs

    C++ 182
  3. bblanchon/ArduinoStreamUtils

    💪 Power-ups for Arduino streams

    C++ 245
  4. bblanchon/cpp4arduino

    Samples files for

    C++ 46

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