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Brandon Jones

Raleigh, NC

Karaoke Eternal lets you host awesome karaoke parties where everyone can easily find and queue songs from their phone's browser. The player is also fully browser-based with support for MP3+G, MP4 videos and WebGL visualizations. The server is self-hosted and runs on nearly everything.

There are no ads or telemetry, so consider sponsoring to show support and help the project become self-sustaining! Sponsoring also gets you a shiny badge on your profile, notoriety in the Discord, and eternal thanks in the release notes.

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Featured work

  1. bhj/KaraokeEternal

    Open karaoke party system

    JavaScript 167
  2. bhj/gl-chromakey

    Chroma key a video/image/canvas element in real time using the GPU

    JavaScript 13
  3. bhj/cdgraphics

    A fast, flexible CD+Graphics (CD+G) renderer.

    JavaScript 11

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